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Marketing Solutions Experts

Please check out our latest marketing solution designed to increase social media following for our customers and ourselves.  Penelope the Parrot will be adopted weekly by our customers and other organizations in an effort to highlight their companies in a creative way and to give a fun twist to growing social media following.  And a donation will be made to an endangered species, the Puerto Rican Parrot, in that company’s name. We are really excited to roll this program out on April 3rd, 2017.   

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Penny the Parrot

In 10 years 70% of the workforce will be comprised of millennials and the main search engine for millennials is social media.

Increasing social media presence will allow Parrot Promo Essentials to stay in front of the future leaders of our community and world.

It is not just about the products we offer but instead about the value we can bring to you and your company.

Penelope has been created to help explain the value of marketing solutions and how you can combine marketing solutions with social media.

Puerto Rican Parrot (Amazona Vittata)

  • One of the 10 rarest birds in the world.
  • Only found in Puerto Rico.
  • Endangered species with some of the parrots in captivity and the rest under constant monitoring.
  • After Hurricane Hugo in 1989 the population went down to 23 but has been slowly climbing again since then.

Marketing Solutions Specialist 

By introducing Penelope (stuffed animal) to our customers, our goal is to raise awareness of the Puerto Rican Parrot while helping to explain how marketing solutions works.


Adoption of Penelope

A new company will be featured each week.

Each company who participates will receive:

  • Penelope of their own (to keep).
  • Penelope’s Birth Certificate.
  • Penelope’s passport. 
  • A special gift from Penelope.
  • $10.00 donation made to the Puerto Rican Parrot Fund on the companies behalf.

How it Works

Penelope will “intern” with that company/organization for one week learning what they do.

A presentation ceremony will be taped and posted on our social media sites:

  • This will be a paid post to boost audience 
  • Throughout the week posts will be made by both the featured business and Parrot Promo Essentials on their social media platforms tagging the featured company/organization. 

Will be a combination of pictures and educational posts about the featured company/organization. 

  • Featured company/organization should take this opportunity to tell their story to the audience! 

During the “internship” Parrot Promo Essentials will ask their followers to follow the featured business and request the featured business encourage their followers to follow Parrot Promo Essentials as well.

The goal will be to increase social media presence and awareness for both companies.     


How we select the business/organization:

  • Volunteer basis through our networking organizations and teams and organizations we work with.
  • There are no restrictions on who can volunteer.

How we present Penelope:

  • A presentation ceremony will occur for each featured business. This presentation will be video taped and posted on our social media platforms. We will tag the featured business/organization and do a paid post for this post only.
  • The idea of doing a paid ad on the presentation day only is that people will follow the rest of the week to see what Penelope is learning.

When is Penelope’s first adoption ceremony?

  • April 3, 2017